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The Longest Chain Wins

It’s been a while since the last update, I have been busy and sick but progress is ongoing. There was a bug that took a long time to track down in the chain sync functions for new nodes joining the network. Now that the issue

Safire Cryptography

Safire Cryptography – Blog Post #4 Safire uses the ECDSA Algorithm for generating public private keys to sign and validate ownership of funds and ensure transactions can only be initiated by the true owner. Safire also uses the Sha256  one way hashing algorithm to form

Development Status

January 31, 2018   Development Status Here is a quick update on the current development status of the project. I am currently moving into the technology demo stage where basic operational functions are being implemented to generate and manage transactions and blocks with reading, writing, validation,

The Safire Block Chain

Nov 17, 2017 Here is a summary of the Safire block chain data structure. The chain stores transactions made across the network. There are several different types of transactions each having specific data stored to allow the network to function. In order for a node