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Development Status

January 31, 2018  

Development Status

Here is a quick update on the current development status of the project. I am currently moving into the technology demo stage where basic operational functions are being implemented to generate and manage transactions and blocks with reading, writing, validation, as well as a command line interface.

Up until this point work has been foundational writing stubbed classes to fill out over time and wrappers for the essential core functions like SHA256 hashing ECDSA signing, P2P networking and file and DB io.

Currently the P2P code is not reliable on Linux so I am disabling it and starting a server relay system as a temporary mechanism for clients to communicate until the base of the project is ready for use and I can get back to it. This will mean that the network data is routed through one or two servers for the time being.

Safire also uses flat files to store the blockchain but this may be moved into a database or simply split into more fine grained files.

After the tech demo stage wraps up I will fix missing pieces and broken edge cases managing the blockchain and then move into an alpha stage where users can download the software and run it. After user feedback and testing this will progress into a beta and production release but that is a ways away.

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